Car Sharing in Canadian Cities: the Smart Choice!

Relocating to Canada and settling in one of the major cities, you may be wondering if you really need to buy a car. Asking the question is already answering it: NO! Most Canadian cities have developed car sharing systems that make it a smart choice not to own your car, even for families with [...]

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Prepping your Car for Winter

Sure, it’s been merely a week since Halloween, and officially winter will only start on December 22nd, but let’s face it, winter really is just round the corner: see the temperatures forecasted for next week! Whether or not it’s your first winter in Canada, there are a few things you need to know to [...]

Parking in Montréal

As Montréalers say: "If a parking space is free, it means you can’t park there!" Parking your car in Montréal can be very difficult. Once you have spotted a free space (very rare), many factors have to be taken into account to know whether you are allowed to park there: Changing sides (left / right [...]